M.B.S. Athletics . . .

Athletics can be an important part of a young person's life. It teaches discipline and self-pride while helping one realize the importance of cooperation. Athletics interact with the spiritual, social and academic components of the overall school program. MBS recognizes that support from the administration, faculty, staff, coaches, parents and fans are necessary in providing a positive Catholic athletic experience for the student athlete. At MBS all students in kindergarten through 8th grade will be given the chance to participate in extra-curricular athletic team competition. There is something for everyone. We pride ourselves in developing young athletes to be good role models both on and off the competitive playing field. We stress good sportsmanship by all (players and parents). Volunteer coaches take their time to understand who each player is while recognizing their abilities and assuring each athlete feels part of the MBS team. This, in turn, creates a positive team atmosphere and a winning attitude that everyone in the MBS community can be proud of.

There are two leagues in which our middle school students participate. The CSAL (Catholic School Athletic League) is the school competitive teams that usually have tryouts for boys and girls in grades 6, 7 and 8. The CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) allows any boy or girl in grade 5 to play or those boys and girls in grades 6-8 not selected for the CSAL teams (basketball and/or volleyball)to play in a less stressful, competitive environment.

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